Thursday, October 26, 2017

Jakarta Fashion Week 2018

Anyone here attended Jakarta Fashion Week this month?
Well, I did. Not for the whole week (I'm a magister student, remember? Quite busy. Tell me about it lol), but I came for one of my most favorite session: The Menswear Fashion Show. That night was the fourth day of the event, and I visited Senayan City Mall --where the event held-- wearing my Stanley Adams shirt combined with my all time best items, the black velvet bowtie and sleeveles jacket from ZALORA Indonesia.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Going Monochrome for A Day

Wearing white shirt with stripe details from Lazada Fashion Indonesia

Hello Muggles! How's life? In this post I'm gonna show you guys how I wear monochrome outfit. You see, I'm usually not into monochrome. I used to be into neutral or radiant colors all the time, and almost never use black-white combo since that will make the atmosphere around me feels sad. Meanwhile, I'm such a happy person. I think I feel happier wearing colorful shirts. But hey, this amazing mono shirt is an exception, I guess. It comes in a comfort material and super cool stripe details. I love it. I mean, who will not?

You see, I'm in mono head to toe

I actually got this shirt some months ago. But I never got a chance to wear it because I had been a little bit thicker before, been busy with thesis and everything that made me never did sport or work out. Beside, everything tasted yummy lately and I couldn't help my self not to eat all the food that I saw. But thanks God, my one week diet is working and I can wear my slim shirt now since I'm skinnier hehehe.

Loving my mono shirt so much!
Thank you Lazada!

Do you love monochrome too?

Saturday, August 26, 2017

The Color of Happy Summer

Hello everyone. How are you? Mine is good, what a relief. I just got back from M.I.A mode for my super long holiday (2,5 months) and now I'm already on my normal-plus-productive mode again. I'm no longer sleepy in the day time. I'm not even sleepy in the night (I used to sleep at 3 AM in holiday, so it's kinda hard for me to go sleep before midnight now, lol). My schedule is started to be tight but Thanks God, I have completed all of the classes that I should attend. So I get a chance to finish my magister study some months earlier (I hope so, because the only one subject is Thesis. Err). 

Alhamdulillah.I'm a happy bee! 
Wish me luck with my thesis, everyone~


Btw in this photoset I wore my favorite Diadora shoes. I also wore a yellow sleeveless sweater that I just bought from a thrift store in Bukittinggi city, West Sumatera, Indonesia. That place is called Pasalereng, which is a famous iconic thrift store center in the region that provides so many good items started from branded to unbranded, very cheap to not-so-cheap, new to secondhand, etc. I found this cool yellow top accidentally, and I decided to wear it for this photoshoot because it's still summer and yellow is such a summery happy color, isn't it? :)